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Current Projects

Current Projects


2014 – 2016

Love and Life Young Mothers project , Macleay Valley, ‘is an interdisciplinary arts exploration of motherhood, .through the sharing of narratives from personal experiences that present intimate and sometimes challenging perspectives of pregnancy, birth and motherhood funded by Regional Arts NsW the project is engaging with young mothers to share their experiences  and the challenges of motherhood.

Utilising digital story telling, photography and narrative, emerging artist and young mother Caylie Lyons has been gathering stories and sharing her own journey of motherhood which will  be shown as a digital  installation and exhibition at the ArtMakas Gallery in Kempsey, before  being exhibited in Sydney.


The twelve month project supported by Kempsey Council and funded by Arts NSW provided opportunity and access to creative skills for the young people to in the outlying communities of the Macleay Valley.

During the year the young people of the Macleay Valley participated  arts programs in dance, digital media, visual arts and physical circus with public outcomes to showcase their new skills


Many Faces of the Macleay is a living project which has been gathering images of the many faces of the communities that make out the Macleay Valley, these images were produced into ‘Under One Roof’ a installation using four projectors and showcased at the Macleay River Festival

The Many Faces of the Macleay is part of a larger initiative which seeks to explore and understand community, connection and identity and how this impact on social capital.

Macleay Festival Project also saw Slippry Sirkus as creative producer delivering programs  and workshops in textiles, dance, and music with the Dunghutti Elders Council and  into community halls and schools across  the region in the lead up to the Festival.

A.S.I.A  Initiative is focused on working with and supporting several organisations in Cambodia and Indonesia providing programs, workshops and artists to develop skills and provide a vehicle for exploration and expression and a platform for social change.


Can You See Me  an arts & disability strategy working in partnership with disability organisations across NSW.

Winanga li (remember, know, understand) a three year arts, education & enterprise strategy for north West NSW in partnership with the Australia Council of the Arts Community Partnerships

Signs of the Times  Regional Arts Fund cross art form project in Walgett proving learning pathways.



Ties That Blind   Australia Council of the Arts Community Partnerships Creative Producer Grant 

The project enabled the opportunity to  promote & refine  community arts &  community development  processes: provided a platform for skills exchange and the development of  digital and cross arts practise; a vehicle for exploration of  connection,  and  individual & community identity and how this impacts on the community and social capitol ;encourage people to participate in creating their visions of a healthy and sustainable community through a creative, inclusive and reflective learning process and assist in sharing  stories of the participants  and communities, engendering  connectedness and a sense of belonging; the process provided opportunities for the community  to participate in arts and cultural development and learn new skills to express  their  identity and that of their local area, explore new ideas and encourage intergenerational and cross cultural connections.

The arts outcomes provided opportunities to engage the broader community as audience, through a visual arts & digital media exhibition, dance performances, a public art mural, and a multimedia performance piece. Cross collaboration with project artists,  regional & local artists provided, professional skills development and  an 'on going' mentoring program has been set in place.

Service providers/community organisations who engaged with the project have expressed interest in the consideration of arts based programs in  the delivery of  their programs, specifically alternative learning pathways for young people, especially those 'at risk'  and as tools to engage with elders & seniors in the community.

The projects provide professional skills development while promoting social cohesion and inclusion  while the creative arts public outcomes promote dialogue and  discussion around the themes of community identity and new techniques and ideas  can be embedded into the community.

You Say You Are – Then Who Am I exploration of identity which provided opportunities for skills development & mentorship through visual arts programs funded through Regional  Arts NSW, in partnership with Outreach TAFE & Nambucca Valley Youth Services.

Love & Light  a young parents project utilising mulitmedia to explored connection between young mothers and their newborn children, while providing education on parenting, health & nutrition.  A collaboration with Area Health NSW.

A.S.I.A (Art, Social Innovation, Action) outreach project in Cambodia which partners established Khmer not for profit organisations working with young people and the arts, to provide skill development & training in an arts & cultural exchange.

'Handle With Care' Project

‘The Journey' shares insights from the young people from the sixteen communities who participated in this two year project.




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Media Comment


There has been very positive responses to our projects across a broad sector of the community

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Making Music

Listen to the songs created by the young people about the lives, their families and their communities.

Bourke Girls Track