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Paving The Way

Paving The Way

‘Engaging in creative projects, allows young people to build a sense of belief in their own potential, and to experience what it is to produce something that is of value to others'  Heath & Smyth 1999.

Paving the Way is an initiative to raise awareness and funds for community based, arts engagement projects t for young people and their families in regional, rural and remote communities, especially those  ‘at risk’ or experiencing disadvantage.

These projects provide the opportunity for skills development & social outcomes, while strengthening  leadership and social inclusion.

Professor Tony Vinson’s in his most recent report (2007) ‘Dropping off the Edge – The Distribution of Disadvantage in Australia’ finds that pockets of concentrated and severe social disadvantage have become entrenched across regional, rural and remote as well as suburban Australia,  our work is in these communities.

”For the first time in Australia's history, one' destiny might be shaped by one's location, or even one's postcode, whether that be an urban, regional or remote community, it might be time to rethink some of the rules of the game’  Dropping off the Edge: the distribution of disadvantage in Australia Professor Tony Vinson

Once the first step is taken by a young person, it is our commitment to continue to provide a pathway towards a future with increased options and opportunities.

‘They did not care that I’d been in trouble,  I was treated good, the same as the others.  They knew I‘d been in trouble for stealing, but they still let me use the camera and the computer and helped me write a song. I’m no good with writing or reading, but they helped me and I made my own CD that got played on the radio’.  George 17yrs

‘Sometimes you start to believe that you’re no good....cos that’s what people tell you...that’s what the teacher told me, so I didn’t want to go to school......then I got to take photographs and make a story on the computer. Rebecca helped me, but I did it myself. I showed it to my friends and my mum, and we showed it to other people and I felt proud’.  Jessica 15yrs

‘I felt like no one cared, then Slippry Sirkus came and let us kids try out all these new things, I learnt to juggle, I thought I couldn’t do anything..Now I know I can.’ Tyrone 12yrs

Paving the Way...represents the opportunity for a young person to step forward and continue to participate in community as a peer leader and mentor and to pursue a pathway towards learning and enterprise

Paving the Way... represents the opportunity for you,  to make a difference’... to ‘contribute’ and support a young person to ‘find their feet and their future.’
All donations are welcome and tax deductable.

A five thousand dollar donation will enable a young person to participate in the ‘Paving the Way’ program & leadership camps.

For further information, Please email...... This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Donation, unless otherwise requested, will be acknowledged at

nb. Slippry Sirkus inc. is a not for profit organisation with Deductable Gift Recipient Status.

'Handle With Care' Project

‘The Journey' shares insights from the young people from the sixteen communities who participated in this two year project.




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Media Comment


There has been very positive responses to our projects across a broad sector of the community

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Making Music

Listen to the songs created by the young people about the lives, their families and their communities.

Bourke Girls Track