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April 2010

Slippry Sirkus’s socially  innovative  arts initiative in partnership with the Nambucca Valley Community Social Council have been granted funding  through the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing for a model program that will utilize Digital Story Techniques to work with elderly participants who will be supported technically by young people in an  intergenerational arts program that will explore stories and issues around ageing, a particular focus will be  to engage with early onset dementia sufferers , the program has been designed through support and consultation with the Prince of Wales Medical Research Unit and the Sydney Brain & Mind Research Institute .

Several artist including the Soul Purpose Crew & Urban Flow, Dunghutti Artist Christine Wright and international Visual & Graffiti  artist  ‘Seiz’ collaborated together  as part of the CrossCurrents ‘Ripples’ and in partnership with Kempsey Youth Advisory Council, New Horizons & Beyond Blue  to   launch initial music, dance & graffiti arts programs with young people from the Green Hills & Bellbrook communities at the  new Youth Access Centre.  The program was initiated to support and inspire Kempsey Shire Council in their proposed plans for the centre which includes accredited hospitality and horticulture pathway courses for young people.

The outcomes included music CD’s produced and Graffiti Art signage to get the vibe happening at the centre plus young people were provided with information around youth mental health and sexual health while several youth workers including the crime prevention officer spent time on site…

The National Youth week youth festival event provided opportunities for the young people to display the skills and songs they created through the workshop program and through a partnership initiative with Kempsey Council and Arrive Alive, council buses were provided for young people in the outlying communities, including Bellbrook mission to attend the youth event.  Over 350 young people enjoyed the day’s festivities.


Christine Wright with her young cousin

Young people at  Community Outcome & the new Youth Access Centre signage




The accredited Outreach TAFE Cross Currents program ‘Creative Well’ at Bellbrook Mission has commenced with sixteen young mothers and women formally signed up and participating in an Arts & Wellbeing.  The   ten week program is in partnership with the Thunghutti Land Council, Aboriginal Health and Rural Health who are providing health workers & nutritionists to attend the program.  Miss Christine Wright, 17 year old artist and now official TAFE teacher continues to shine and has already logged 6 hours up towards her ‘P’ driving license.


Slippry Sirkus in  collaboration  and support  for the Nambucca Youth Services Community garden project, provided a visual arts program with several young people who designed and painted large planter boxes and signage for the community garden project .




DiDi & Hemlock in Action..

Participants  reaching new heights


As part of the CrossCurrents strategy, the talented international artist and film maker Diane (DiDi) Busuttil   (who is based in Berlin ) during a brief visit to Australia ,delivered  a  physical circus ‘Circus Mooves’ program  alongside Hemlock Mejarne  who had just completed a week ‘s tutoring a physical circus intensive program under the Slippry Sirkus Banner and in collaboration with Circus Monoxide in Wollongong .


The ‘Circus Mooves’ program also focused on health and was delivered in a partnership with Live Well, Eat Well, Move Well initiative and the Biripai  & Bunyah Aboriginal Land Councils .


This month Slippry Sirkus ‘s featured artist is:



Diane Busuttil

Contemporary dance, tap dance and release-based movement, improvisation, acrobatics, yoga, acting, stilt walking and whip cracking: Diane has a BA in Dance from The University of Western Sydney as well as an Honours Business Diploma from St Joseph’s Business College, Sydney. Throughout her career Diane has utilized her skills in tap dance, contemporary dance, choreography, directing, acrobatics, release-based movement, improvisation, acting, knitting and whip-cracking. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Dance

In 2000 she studied BODY at the International Women’s University in Germany and is currently based in Berlin. In Europe she worked with directors: Constanza Macras – Dorky Park, Rodrigo Garcia – La Carniceria Teatro, Marco Berrittini and Ulf Otto as well as presenting her own performance and film work at dance and theatre festivals across Europe, Asia, America and Australia.

Since coming to Germany,  Diane  has worked as a choreographer, performer and dance director for companies such as the Dorky Park Ensemble and has recently been involved in two significant youth theatre projects at Berlin’s Hebbel Theatre.  Diane directed three experimental short dance films and recently wrote and directed her first narrative short film titled Dirt and Desire which has been featured in several film festivals including Sydney.

'Handle With Care' Project

‘The Journey' shares insights from the young people from the sixteen communities who participated in this two year project.




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There has been very positive responses to our projects across a broad sector of the community

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