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July 2011

For the third year, Slippry Sirkus headed off to Beswick (Wugularr) in Central Arnhem for a month to work with Djilpin Arts, an ensemble of global artists and the community to produce the tenth anniversary of ‘Walking with Spirits’.

image by Peter Eve

The Festival is a community based event and the site is Malkgulumbu, A sacred waterfall site located twenty kilometres from the community.

Black Hawk ..Slippry Sirkus 2009             Image by Peter Eve

A Book featuring the images of Peter Eve and  of celebrating the ten years of the festival has been published and is available from Djilpin Arts.

Community members at Book Launch

As always the logistics are mind boggling, with the co-producers Australian Shakespeare Company moving seven ton of staging and lighting onto the site.  The festival only allows attendance of 350 visitors from outside of the participating communities and it is a rare experience for these visitors.

Tom E Lewis, Jeff McMullen & Jimmy Little  (image by Peter Eve)

This year,  the line up included Ajak Kwai from Sudan, Bala Krishnan Tabla master from Chennai, Francis Diatschenko , Musical Director and guitarist extraordinaire, Alastair on double bass, Simon on keyboards, Allan Murphy on drums together with  the master  Yidaki musicians and Songmen from the Jawoyn communities, together with the indomitable Tom E Lewis who had just returned from performing at Glastonbury

Tom, Alastair, Francis & Bala                                    image by Peter Eve

Slippry Sirkus worked with the women and the community to produce a theatre performance piece based on the women’s stories and their weavings...

Slippry Sirkus                     image by Peter Eve                   Amy & Monica

A big Thank You and shout out to Miss Amy Edgington (an original Slippry Sirkus member) whose support to the community & whole festival crew was much appreciated and welcomed

Djilpin Arts

Australian Shakespeare Co 

K.V Bala  Krishnan

Francis Diatschenko

Ajak Kwai

Jodie & Madi                                                              Peter and the children from the Krousar Thmey

Meanwhile Channel Seven aired the documentary made on our April trip to Cambodia. The documentary features the wonderful work and legacy of Peter Carrette who passed away unexpectedly in late 2010 and who had spent the past twenty years supporting the Krousar Thmey organisation who work with over 3,500 Khmers affected by the tragedies of the Khmer Rouge regime.  Slippry Sirkus with support from our Chair Jodie Harrison and Peter & Jodie’s daughter Madison will continue Peter’s work in Cambodia and build a cross cultural exchange to provide arts based strategies  and  mentor emerging Khmer & Australian  artists .

News from the Cambodian Space Project who are about to depart Cambodia for a massive six-month-orbit around the world, Bangkok, London, Paris, Singapore, Ubud (Bali), East Timor, Australia, New Zealand & USA.

Participants share their stories..

The Flow project in Kempsey is now in postproduction and the  community outcome will be presented later in 2011.


This Month’s featured Artist:  Ajak Kwai

Since her arrival in Australia, Ajak has worked with a number of ensembles and as a soloist. She brings an exciting African vocal style and repertoire, given a contemporary treatment by the local musicians.  Ajak sings the traditional songs of her Dinka heritage in southern Sudan and her own contemporary work, reflecting on issues of life in the 21st Century. Her history includes childhood immersion in the traditional musical culture of her village, adolescence and early adulthood in exile, in Cairo,

Ajak has released two successful CDs so far: Why not Peace and Love and Come Together and co-written and recorded  with Sarah Blasko a song for the album:  The Key of the Sea.


'Handle With Care' Project

‘The Journey' shares insights from the young people from the sixteen communities who participated in this two year project.




Have a look at the images that capture some of  the many project highlights

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Media Comment


There has been very positive responses to our projects across a broad sector of the community

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Making Music

Listen to the songs created by the young people about the lives, their families and their communities.

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