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Sept to Dec 2011

Greetings,   due to  a hectic  project schedule in community and  creative development  in Berlin …‘Watch this Space’  comes to you  as a quarterly  and the final  ‘Watch This Space’  for 2011…. we will be back online in 2012…….. We wish you…  Joy for the Festive Season and Hope for the Future

September commenced with Artistic Director Denni Scott Davis  meeting  with Australian artists based in Berlin who will collaborate on  the Australia Council Community Partnerships Creative Producer project ‘Ties that Bind’.

The projects collaborates with artists and the community in an exploration of community identity and  connection, through digital stories & media, dance, physical theatre, music, song and sound to create and produce interdisciplinary arts outcomes that  sets the stage for dialogue and discussion  and promotes social cohesion and inclusion.

Emerging artists  and  interested participants  will be invited to participate in  intensive programs of workshops that will explore the themes of connection and isolation within community drawn from interviews and stories gathered from across the community.

The project will focus on the Macleay Valley and the Kempsey building on the foundations of the Cross Currents, Ripples and Flow projects delivered over the past three years

Diane Busuttil   choreographer and film maker will  travel from Berlin to join the project and  mentor several emerging artists

Reko Rennie , Melbourne will collaborate on the ‘Ties that Bind’ project and mentor emerging visual artists within the community.  Later in 2012. Reko will collaborate on a project exploring cultural identity in Moree and NWNSW
Reko’s iconic visual images are known throughout the world and meld urban street art with his  Kamilaroi/Gamilaraay/Gummaroi heritage  ..

We were delighted to celebrate with Malcolm Robertson at Melbourne’s  Malthouse  Theatre, the occasion of Malcolm’s outstanding sixty year  contribution to theatre.  Malcolm’s body of work over the past sixty years and his support of the theatre and emerging artists is inspiring …..

Big congratulations to Rosie ‘Raphaela Rosella’ who has as an emerging artists contributed to many Slippry Sirkus project and who graduated this year from Griffith University with a Batchelor of Photography  majoring in social documentation.
At the recent QCA Photographic Grad Exhibition, Rosie was awarded the $6,000  Fuji Film   scholarship.
Rosie will continue at Uni in 2012 to achieve  Honours and continue  work as a project artist in Cambodia and  on the  ‘ Ties that Bind’ and Young Parenting  projects.

News from  Miss Amy Edgington , Community Cultural Development  worker who is  co-ordinating the arts centre with the artists in the remote Ampilatwatja community until early  2012…

Yanni Scott Davis, Slippry Sirkus founding member, digital media artist/ music producer and   Australia Council of the Arts, 2010 Kirk Robson Award recipient  is currently  co-ordinating   the  Cancer Council Sun Sound program for young people at ‘The Loft’ Youth Centre in Newcastle .

After consultation in Melbourne, fund raising is on the way for the Artistic and Community Development support strategy that will work in collaboration with Khmer  communities organisations and several established NGO’s in Cambodia.  The strategy will create  the opportunity for arts based projects and programs that provide  , professional skills development and enterprise  through ‘on the ground’ training , mentoring and the creation of cross cultural work that explores  personal, social and humanitarian challenges .

# Benoît Duchâteau-Arminjon, the founder has published ‘Un humanitaire au Cambodge’ which tells the story about  its creation in 1991, and how Krousar Thmey (“New Family” in Khmer) has become the foremost Cambodian foundation assisting children….. non-political and non-religious. The book can be purchased at with proceeds going to support the foundation.

Slippry Sirkus played host to Solid State Circus early December who delivered  a program of circus workshops across the mid north coast

NB.  And we are delighted to report the news that Hemlock Mejarne, Solid State Circus and  Physical Circus Director  at Slippry  Sirkus is well on the road to recovery after an altercation with his foot and a lawn  mower

Living Carefully and Nambucca Youth Services in collaboration with Slippry Sirkus have commenced  the ‘ Young Parenting’  project  funded by  FAHCSIA… ‘ The three year project which encompasses the Nambucca Valley region;  aims to provide the opportunity to explore parent hood and its implications, through the art engagement practise;  while providing  informal educational programs around parenting, maternal and infant health, living skills , nutrition  and economic management’, stated  Living Carefully Co-ordinator Anne Pouliquen!/profile.php?id=100002807894028

Slippry Sirkus has joined the  Feral  Arts  Place Stories Community

NSW was recently identified as an Aboriginal contemporary dance ‘hot spot' (2) with a large number of emerging and mid-career Aboriginal dance artists and choreographers residing and practicing in NSW, alongside Bangarra Dance Theatre and National Aboriginal and Islander Skills Development Association (NAISDA) (3) . Additionally, national arts research indicates NSW and QLD had a significantly higher level of attendance at Indigenous dance performances (compared to Victoria and South Australia) (4).
The project objectives were to:
provide an opportunity for NSW Indigenous dance artists to voice critical issues they are facing in their practice;
identify priority issues for NSW Indigenous dance artists;
establish a snapshot of existing Indigenous dance activity in NSW;
develop clear priority recommendations from forum outcomes; and
prepare the final report and submission to Arts NSW at the completion of the forum
DARUNG MURU*, inaugural NSW Aboriginal Dance Forum, was held on the 18th May and 19th May at the Sydney Opera House Boardroom. The forum aligned with the 2011 Message Sticks Festival and a presentation by NAISDA Dance College as part of the Kids at the House Education program. Funding from Arts NSW was approved to deliver the NSW Aboriginal Dance Forum 2011 as part of the implementation of the NSW Aboriginal Arts and Cultural Strategy; Direction
The final report is available at the following websites :



There is expanded opportunities for emerging digital media artists with SAE who are providing courses that are linked to the Australian Governments  HEC (Higher Education Contribution Scheme) that provides financial support for study and fees.

# SAE Institute is a creative media college, providing industry-focused courses in audio, film and electronic music production

Featured artists :

…# CAMBODIA. Phnom Penh. 18/11/2011: Boeung Kak residents protesting against an environmental impact assessment organised by the Municipality which in fact seemed to collect unrelated data.
John Vink came to public attention in 1986 when he was awarded the prestigious W. Eugene Smith Award in Humanistic Photography for Water in Sahel, a two-year documentary project on water management in rural and urban areas, involving migrant and sedentary populations of the Niger, Mali, Burkina-Faso and Senegal.

In 1986 Vink joined Vu agency in Paris, then from 1987 to 1993 worked on Refugees in the World, an extensive statement about life in refugee camps in India, Mexico, Thailand, Pakistan, Hungary, Iraq, Malawi, Bangladesh, Turkey, Sudan, Croatia, Honduras and Angola. The series was then published in book (Photonotes collection) and CD-ROM form and became the subject of an exhibit at Paris's Centre National de la Photographie.

In 1993 Vink became a nominee at Magnum Photos, and a full member in 1997.

Other recent projects by Vink include Peuples d'En Haut, a series of chronicles that he started in 1993 on communities living in mountainous areas such as Guatemala, Laos, Georgia: he stresses how this natural defense, because of the difficult living conditions, has built strong people aware of their cultural identity. A book with this work was published in September 2004 by Editions Autrement.

Wishing to concentrate on one country instead of continuously travelling, he is based in Cambodia since 2000, a country he visits since 1989. He currently mainly documents land issues all over Cambodia but also covers other social issues as well as the Khmer Rouge trial. Other recent books are Avoir Vingt Ans a Phnom Penh, published by Editions Alternative and Poids Mouche, self published.

‘If it’s not in the future it doesn’t exist!’
Nixi Killick…… Emerging Artist and Designer who has just completed her final year in Fashion & Costume design  and  who was awarded the highest achievement  award will embark on  her Honours in 2012
You can experience Nixi’s work and learn more about her artistic vision at



'Handle With Care' Project

‘The Journey' shares insights from the young people from the sixteen communities who participated in this two year project.




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